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Administration Department


  • Implementing organizational strategies and policies.
  • Carrying out general office management, transport, registry, security and safety.
  • In-charge of providing fuel, repairing and maintenance of vehicles and other transport.
  • Provision of offices for all staff.
  • Ensuring compliance with occupational health requirements/standards.
  • Provision and supervision of all office equipment.
  • Ensuring a conducive working environment, that is clean and secure.
  • In conjunction with SAA, provide designated parking for members and staff of the county assembly service.
  • Setting and overseeing internal operating rules and regulations.
  • Establishing efficient records, filling and tracking systems for all office inventory, mails and files, monitor their movements and effects correspondence.
  • Providing strategic policy direction for efficient and effective service delivery.
  • Ensuring compliance with the national values and principles of good governance as stipulated in the constitution.
  • Promote high standards of professionalism in administrative services.