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Speaker’s Desk

speaker's desk

Through transformative leadership we will be a haven of value addition.


The speaker also serves as a Board Member and the Chair of Procedure and Rules Committee, Assembly Business Committee & Committee on Appointments.


  • Administering the oath of office to members.
  • Recognizing members for the purpose of speaking or making motions.
  • Referring bills and resolutions to committees.
  • Putting questions to a vote of members.
  • Declaring a quorum (or the absence of one).
  • Counting and declaring all votes.
  • Deciding points of order.
  • Appointing House members to select and conference committees.
  • Making appointments to fill temporary vacancies in House administrative offices.
  • Appointing the chairman of the Committee of the Whole and the Speaker pro tempore.
  • Signing all bills and resolutions passed by the House.
  • The speaker infrequently votes or participates in floor debate. Although not prescribed in any formal way, the speaker is the principal spokesperson for the House and, oftentimes, for the party, taking a leading role in negotiations with the Senate and president.